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Concrete stains can add more than just one solid color; stains permeate the concrete to infuse it with rich, deep translucent tones.  No two concrete floors will look the same due to composition, texture, and age of the concrete.  Whatever the condition of the existing concrete Belville Concrete, LLC has the experience to  refurbish your concrete with the color of your choice.  Belville Concrete, LLC can remove glue, paint, thinset and tar. We can also repair any cracks to the floor surface and prep it prior to applying your new surface. Stained concrete provides beauty and functionality to every home or commercial business. Stained Concrete is durable and can be applied to old concrete. 

Many people do not realize that concrete is very porous.  Even so, when paint is applied to the surface, it does not penetrate very well. Concrete stain, on the other hand, is a popular product that works great with the porous characteristics of concrete producing a wide variety of decorative finishes.  Staining, polishing, stamped overlay, decorative and faux finishing has been used for many years on concrete because of its outstanding beauty.



Stained concrete can be done on interior floors as well as exterior concrete to enhance their beauty.  Belville Concrete, LLC can fill, grind and smooth all cracks and patches, however we cannot guarantee that the cracks will not reappear.  Cracks can be incorporated into any staining designs.

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Concrete curbing is considerably more durable and easier to maintain than landscape borders of the past. Concrete curbing can be formed in many styles and shapes allowing for a unique and custom curb border. Colors may also be added to the curb for a perfect match to any landscape.  Belville Concrete, LLC can help you determine which will match your landscaping needs,

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Foundation cracks can be an annoying and expensive problem for every homeowner. For each small crack that appears you can feel your home value dropping. Whether you are experiencing cracking in your foundation, erosion issues, building settlement, or deterioration of your concrete structure, Belville Concrete, LLC has the experience to repair your foundation back to its original integrity.

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From your remodel project, tile installation or new builds.

Belville Concrete, LLC has the experience to do it all.

We have completed projects for Samsonite Show Rooms, Gateway Community College, Viad Corporate Center, Hilton and various Homeowner Associations throughout the valley .  There is no job too big or small for Belville Concrete, LLC. 

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