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This is an example of a trip and fall hazard greater than 1 inch. The HOA did not hire a licensed professional to assess the trip and fall hazard properly and the non licensee attempted to remove the trip and fall hazard with a grinder. Concrete removal and replacement is the ideal solution for this situation.


Belville Concrete, LLC

Belville Concrete, LLC removed the above raised section of concrete and tree roots that caused the slab to raise and crack.  A new section of sidewalk was poured and finished eliminating the trip and fall hazard.

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Does your driveway, sidewalk, walkway, concrete steps or patio

have problem areas that have created trip and fall hazards?

​Belville Concrete, LLC will inspect the property with you and determine all the areas that are possible trip and fall hazards.

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Concrete grinding is a unique technique that can eliminate trip and fall hazards. We can help you reduce the

chance of trip and fall litigation and save you money on your annual liability insurance rates.


Concrete grinding is the cost effective solution to trip and fall hazards that are less than 1 inch. If the rise in your concrete is greater than 1 inch, concrete grinding will weaken the integrity of your concrete. Concrete removal and replacement is the ideal solution if the rise is greater than 1 inch.


Concrete patch and repair is only suggested when small piece of concrete have become damaged or broken. These small cracks and broken areas can also cause possible trip and fall hazards. Patch and repair is a cost effective way to mend the surface of your concrete.

Any raised, broken or cracked concrete poses possible trip and fall hazards.  Once you notice that your concrete is starting to sink, crack or raise call Belville Concrete, LLC at 480-335-531 for a free inspection and estimate.